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Women’s clothing was represented by a long skirt, fastened under the chest, and corsets – vests, which were laced, emphasizing the silhouette of a woman. Depending on the weather, scarves and shawls complemented the clothes. Beautiful capes with fringe and embroidery decorated women’s shoulders in cold and bad weather. But the clothes were fastened with the help of special buttons and laces.

Revolutionary changes were made in the manufacture of clothing by the nineteenth century, the era of the appearance of machine production. Manual labor was optimized by the scientist Joseph Marie Jacquard, who invented the loom. Now clothes were made faster, the material became of high quality, the pattern was executed more accurately.

Thanks to industrial weaving, the cost of making clothes decreased, all segments of the population had the opportunity to dress.

Women at this time tried to wear clothes that accentuated the silhouette, preferring dark colors in the robes. There were clothes with short sleeves.

The XX century brought various styles of clothing and stopped mocking the human body: corsets disappeared, clothes became more comfortable and more convenient. The age of technological progress has also influenced clothing, styles of clothing have appeared: simple and functional. But elegance and refinement have lost their significance, but new materials and new opportunities have come to replace them.

In the 1940s, mass-consumption clothing became increasingly in demand, but the war period brought its difficulties in the production of clothing for women.

Nowadays, women’s clothing is not just an item to cover up nudity, but also self-expression, the best means to emphasize beauty, sexuality. Today, clothes for women are being created practical for wearing at home, to work, for walking. And women’s trousers have become a symbol of democratic style. Women’s clothing emphasizes the dignity of the figure, helps to hide any flaws and is an expensive brand, on which business relations and status also depend.

Wrist man watches

An indispensable attribute of a stylish outfit. In the era of digital technologies and smartphones, it is unlikely to be possible to hear the familiar “What time is it now?” on the street. However, this is not the main value of chronometers – they emphasize status, give elegance and, as a result, self-confidence. Today, both classic models and super functional smart watches are in demand, capable of receiving messages, showing weather, geolocation. Also, the options without arrows and numbers look incredibly stylish, with straps made of smooth genuine leather. The color scheme is selected, depending on the goals pursued. For ladies, pink, pale lilac or blue, for men – traditional black, dark brown gray.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing the elements of a men’s wardrobe is their seasonality. Summer, winter and autumn-spring things will not be the same. For colder seasons, insulated, cozy things are made, and for hot ones – light and comfortable. In accordance with the season, the materials from which clothes are made are also selected.

So, for the demi-season or winter, you can pick up such wardrobe items.

A parka is an elongated jacket that is suitable not only for the demi–season, but also for winter. The length of such things reaches the hip line. A special drawstring is provided at the bottom of the park. There are always a lot of patch pockets in the things in question. Either down or artificial filler is used as insulation. Bomber. A shorter jacket model for autumn or spring. It has a knitted belt and cuffs. Bomber jackets with a hood and a patch collar are often found. A raincoat or trench coat. Such things are produced not only for demi-season socks, but also for cold winter. The last copies are insulated. They are fastened with buttons and a wide belt. Down jackets, insulated jackets. Things for winter. They are light, but at the same time very warm.
Men’s sheepskin coats and fur coats can also be found on sale. Their range is huge. Natural leather things of high quality look especially attractive on men. They are both warm and comfortable.

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