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Loco for Mexico in Mumbai

Loco for Mexico in Mumbai

Mexico has always been a country of interest for a lot of people, especially those who have an interest in history, culture, art and...

A Papaya a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Christopher Columbus, the famous Italian voyager was right when he referred to papayas as the ‘fruit of the angels’.Musky, soft, butter-like and extremely sweet,...
French Cuisine

6 Fancy French Cuisine

France, a country famous for its wines, dairy and delicacies. The French cuisine is one of the most celebrated and sumptuous cuisines of the...
Psyllium Husk

The Benefits of Psyllium Husk

Psyllium is a kind of fiber made from the Plantago ovata plant, especially from the husks of the plant's seed. It in some cases...
oats oatmeal

Is Oats the World’s Healthiest Food?

Scientifically speaking, Oats (avena sativa), are a cereal grain which can practically grow everywhere and is able to withstand poor soil conditions – where...

Why You Should Love Oatmeal?

Whenever I have a conversation with a fitness freak or a health-conscious person, I fail to understand their love for oatmeal. After some thorough...

Paneer: The Indian Cheese

A favourite among South Asians, paneer is a type of fresh cheese. It is called Chena in the eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent....
Vegan Dinner

10 Romantic Vegan Dinner Ideas for Proposal Night

When it comes to the proposal night dinner, it is hard to think ‘vegan’ and ‘romantic’ can exist in the same sentence. You need...
Fast Food

10 Worst Effects of Fast Food

There is a reason why fast food has been named so, you can prepare it without much efforts and in a swift manner. Another...

14 Superfoods for Women’s Health

As women, our body goes through constant evolvement and changes as we grow. Moods change, habits change and we make lifestyle changes as well....
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